Sketchbooks that feature Carol MacDonald's images are available in two sizes: small 4" x 4" and large 8" x 8".
Each book contains 40 blank pages of 80# wheat vellum with a printed cover and thick backing.
'POTENTIAL' books have 100 pages of 5:4 knit graph paper; priced the same as the others.
Prices are: $10 - small / $15 - large, plus applicable tax and shipping.


Click on any of the images to purchase or email Carol directly.


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Potential (large)
(knit graph paper)

Potential (small)
(knit graph paper)

Knitting (large)

Knitting (small)

Red Crow (large)

Red Dragonfly (large)

Red Dragonfly (small)

Tan Dragonfly (large)

Tan Dragonfly (small)

Tan Crow (large)

Tan Crows (small)

Synergy (large)

Synergy (small)

Red Crows (small)