Anatomy of a Print

Autumnal Orb blog post 2015

Autumnal Orb is the lead image for
Studio Sale 2015

Sat, Nov. 21 • 10 – 4 & Sun. Nov. 22 • 1-4
614 Macrae Road, Colchester, VT

Here is a sneak peak of how this limited edition print was made. I started with two printings of a linoleum block, printing first with yellow and then rotating the block and over printing with a Payne’s Gray mix to get this.

I then inked and wiped two drypoint etching plates. One with orange ink and the other with a magenta.

I printed the orange etching plate first over the linoleum print…

…and then the magenta plate to make the initial image on this blog. Then I repeated this process over 40 times to create a final edition of 35 limited edition prints.

Come out to the studio and see where the work is made and what I have been up to artistically for the last year.

Best, Carol

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